Cat & Dog Exams in Avondale Estates, GA

From the start of their life to their senior years, your pet’s health is our highest priority. Due to their shorter lifespan, pets can experience seemingly sudden changes in their health that might go unnoticed without a vet’s help. At The Village Vets Avondale Estates, we recommend annual or semiannual cat and dog exams involving a complete evaluation of vitals, organ systems, and outward appearance, and comprehensive blood work to screen for underlying illness.

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The Benefits of Wellness Exams for Pets

Routine pet exams allow our team to ensure your companion is in good shape, or detect the early signs of a disease or injury. Early detection allows for earlier treatment or preventive measures to minimize symptoms, keep your pet healthier, and potentially help them live longer.

Another key benefit of seeing your pet for regular checkups is that it gives our team the chance to get to know you and your pet better. You will always know your pet best, and through you, we can learn a lot about how your pet lives their life and offer suggestions to make that life a happier, healthier one. At The Village Vets Avondale Estates, we strive to build and nurture a lasting relationship with our patients and clients, because it helps us deliver even better care.

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What’s Involved in a Pet Wellness Exam?

Preventing disease in your pet is the best way to ensure their lasting good health. There are several ways we can do this, and below is what you can expect from a typical cat or dog exam:

  • A comprehensive physical examination
  • Blood work to check your pet’s organ function and screen for disease
  • A fecal test to screen for intestinal parasites
  • Heartworm and tick-borne disease testing
  • Vaccine boosters, if needed
  • Discussion about your pet’s nutrition, behavior, and any areas of concern

Why Your Pet Needs Parasite Preventatives

Parasites are an unfortunate fact of life for our pets. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can all cause health problems in dogs and cats, with mosquitoes being particularly threatening since they can spread heartworm disease. With these pests being active throughout most of the year, we recommend year-round protection for your companion.  If you’d like to discuss your pet’s parasite risks and find the best parasite preventatives for their needs, reach out to us at (404) 924-8690 today.