Project Samana: Saving Animals and Empowering People

Providing essential care to animals knows no borders. Project Samana is a remarkable outreach program established in 1993 to help animals and people living in the Dominican Republic’s Samana peninsula. Many of the peninsula’s residents rely on animals including donkeys, horses, and mules for their livelihood, but lack the necessary resources to provide essential care for these animals. To ensure they receive the care they need, Project Samana steps in to help.

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How We’re Involved with Project Samana

Dr. Carrie McColgan is hospital director and veterinarian at our Stone Mountain location. She has been an active participant and advocate for Project Samana since 2003. In January 2018, she became president of the organization. Dr. McColgan is deeply committed to the welfare of working animals and international veterinary medicine, particularly in developing countries. Veterinarians and staff from The Village Vets have been making routine trips to the Dominican Republic with Dr. McColgan every year since 2015, and we hope to continue this tradition for generations to come.

Care We Provide Through Project Samana

While Project Samana often focuses on work animals such as mules, horses, and donkeys, dogs and cats can also receive care from the veterinary team. Below is a sample of essential services provided through the project, along with efforts to train and educate communities, students, and vets from the region.

For equines:

  • Stallion castration
  • Dental care
  • Lameness evaluations and treatment
  • Care for senior horses
  • Wound treatment

For cats and dogs:

  • Spay and neuter
  • Rabies and other vaccinations
  • Parasite treatment and prevention
  • Wound treatment
  • Providing donated collars and leashes for dogs
  • Medication for post-surgical recovery

For people:

  • Educate on the importance of basic first aid, parasite control, animal husbandry, and nutrition
  • Conduct community seminars about animal health
  • Provide medical and surgical training for vets and vet students from Dominican schools

To learn more about Project Samana, check out their website.